Tethered Unmanned Aircraft System (TeUAS) (presented by Army Applications Library)




TeUAS can provide unique aerial advantages on the battlefield. The U.S. Army wants software or hardware solutions that can enhance TeUAS mobility, durability, and communication capabilities. The Army seeks to develop a rugged, “hardened” TeUAS that can operate in harsh and hostile environments. The system’s primary functions would be reconnaissance (obstacle and threat detection) and to operate as a communications relay. The system should be resistant/immune to signal interference and compromise.

If your business’ expertise can be applied to develop hardware or software for a TeUAS that could be used with other manned or unmanned ground vehicles to detect area threats/obstacles or relay sensitive information securely, sign up for the TeUAS Webinar today!

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TeUAS uses AAL’s Special Program Awards for Required Technology Needs (SPARTN), created specifically to make Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) topics attractive to small businesses that can solve critical Army modernization problems.

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Aug 04 2021


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm