The 5th IEEE Systems Modelling Conference

Reset, Ready, Go: Co-design the future through modelling



The world has changed and we need to adapt to these changes to be future-ready. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, severe extreme climate conditions, economic and political
disruptions and financial recession illustrated the risks of living in an optimised world. Adaptive and holistic problem solving approaches are most needed to tackle the complexities and uncertainty of the problems we face. SMC 2021 conference provides an opportunity to exchange scientific and practical knowledge in three focus areas related
to systems modelling:

Reset: learning about the use of models to reset our mental modes, assumptions, and conventional ways of thinking

Ready: learning how to develop models that empower us to be ready to, navigate future uncertainties, surprises and discontinuities, and

Go: learning how to build models to inform implementation, innovation, and collaborative action.

The Capability Systems Centre will host two-day conference titled
“Co-design the future through modelling”. After the successful
completion of a series of conferences since 2017 (see last
years’ program), this fifth year’ conference will extend into two
days. A virtual day-long conference will convene on 14 September 2021

The event is finished.


Sep 13 - 15 2021


6:30 pm - 2:00 am