The Australian Bionic Eye: the people behind the technology

Meet some of the people behind the development of Australia’s bionic eye, including a patient who is using the technology in daily life.



Sight is the most dominant sense humans possess. From our first moments of life, sight is the sense that provides the perception of life around us. It is no surprise that restoring vision to those who are blind is one of the greatest challenges of science and mankind.

Melbourne is playing a leading role globally in bringing science and technology to meet this challenge.In its largest ever single grant, the Australian Research Council awarded $50 million to the Bionic Vision Australia consortium for the development of a retinal implant to provide vision to blind patients suffering from retinal conditions. A local interdisciplinary team has been pursuing the goal of developing a retinal implant that restores functional vision to the blind.

We are very pleased to bring some of the team members together to share this exciting and historic journey in a livestream event. The panel will discuss the engineering and surgical challenges that were overcome and what steps are being taken to make this technology more widely available. Joining the panel will be one of the four patients to receive the retinal implant, who will share how this marvel of biology and engineering has changed her life.

Join us on Thursday, 4 November at 7.00pm AEDT for this free online event celebrating research excellence, collaboration and innovation dedicated to fundamentally change the lives of people suffering vision loss.

The event is finished.


Nov 04 2021


4:00 am - 5:15 am