The Curious Person’s Guide to Traveling Through the Dark Web Safety

You’ve heard about the Dark Web and your interest has been piqued. Learn more about this place and how to visit it safely.

The Dark Web has been the focus of a great many media reports. Most reporting describes the Dark Web as a place of complete lawlessness. Places like Silk Road come to mind when talking about the Dark Web. And of course tales of hitmen for hire, and drug and arms dealers in every street corner of the Dark Web.

Like many dark alleys you’ve passed in your life, there does exist some shady business in the dark depths. However, just like the dark alley, no one will bother you if you don’t bother them.

The Dark Web, however, is not all, well, dark. There is a lot more mainstream activity going on than you would imagine. For example, did you know that Facebook operates in the Dark Web? So do many other media outlets.

Sure, there is plenty of illicit activity going on thanks to the anonymity of the Dark Web. However, that same anonymity also brings privacy and security to everyday people like you and me.

Join me on an educational journey through the Dark Web. Find out how you can travel through the Dark Web safely and soundly. Everyone should travel down the depths of the Dark Web at least once in their life. Give yourself the opportunity to say you’ve been to the Dark Web and back and you’re still in one piece.

Join me as I shed some light on the Dark Web. It will be a good time!


The event is finished.


Jun 12 2021


11:00 am - 4:00 pm

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