The Decarbonisation Summit 2021

The high-level climate summit bringing the most important voices in sustainability together at COP26 in Glasgow.



The inaugural Decarbonisation Summit is a two-day event that will take place at the heart of the COP26 climate conference in SSE’s Glasgow office.
We will bring radical voices, world leaders, and sustainable businesses into the spotlight to talk about how we can save the world by reducing our emissions.
This event is brought to you by Green.TV in partnership with SSE, one of the UK’s leading energy, gas, and broadband suppliers. SSE are committed to becoming entirely carbon neutral by 2050 and are on track to become the leading energy company in a zero-carbon world.
Check out our range of panels covering the key sectors in the race to a green future:

Energy: How can we accelerate the shift to renewables, in a rapidly decarbonised world?

Food and Agriculture: Transitioning to lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the food and agriculture sector.

Buildings and Architecture: What bricks are needed in the new green walls of decarbonised buildings?

Automotive: Accelerating the shift to net zero in the road transport sector.

International Travel and Transport: Transitioning to net zero in shipping and air travel.

Policy: How can cities, national governments, and International bodies, unite to rewrite the rules to rapidly decarbonise?

Science, Innovation and Technology: What new scientific and technological innovations are needed to deliver decarbonisation?

Fashion and Retail: How can the fashion and retail industries decarbonise, at pace, and be a tool for consumer engagement.

Gender and Decarbonisation: The role of women in delivering decarbonisation – education, leadership and on the front line.

Finance and Investment: How are investment decisions, and financial instruments, key levers in decarbonisation?

You can get your ticket for free to get involved at the heart of the most important challenge facing the modern world.
Decarbonisation is a vital issue, and we all have our part to play, so start your journey to sustainability now.
You can find out more information at:

The event is finished.


Nov 09 - 10 2021


4:00 am - 1:00 pm

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