The Digital Surgeon

Our vision is to revolutionise surgical practice by harnessing the power of robotics and AI technologies.



Each year 10 million patients undergo a surgical procedure in the UK. Surgery accounts for £12 billion (10%) of the NHS budget and a similar amount is spent on dealing with adverse surgical outcomes. The latter will undoubtedly increase as our ageing population comes to require surgical interventions. Older people suffer from multiple medical conditions (multi-morbidity), including frailty, which explains why one third of all deaths in the UK occur in patients within 90 days of surgery. This is the challenge we need to address.
Our goal is to create a digital surgical pathway, of which a core component is a Health Data Research Hub in surgery: Cutting Edge. Currently being developed in collaboration with Health Data Research UK (HDRUK).
Cutting Edge will create a trusted research environment, enabling improved outcomes and productivity. Creating digital surgical twins will magnify these gains by exploiting longitudinal patient’s data. This will include data curated from robotics and the application of AI to create personalised surgical plans. This will identify and mitigate increased risk of post-surgical complications: sepsis, stroke, cardiovascular events and blood clots. The multi-source data will be transform surgery by:

improving outcomes and reducing NHS expenditure

transforming future workforce training in surgical and non -technical skills.

It will create widespread benefits across a range of stakeholders:

Patients: reduced complications and better outcomes.

The NHS: reduced surgical infections, hospital stays and in turn waiting time.

Researchers and clinicians: streamline the process of accessing data for surgical trials, leading to more research and innovation.

Life sciences and healthcare companies: through the National Innovation Centre for Data, we will provide companies with an opportunity to use their skills and expertise to co-develop innovative new solutions in partnership with the NHS.

The event is finished.


Oct 19 2021


7:00 am - 7:30 am

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