The Digital Twin Ocean (UN World Ocean Day)

The Ocean Data Alliance believes in a Digital Twin Ocean that illuminates what’s going on above, on, and below the surface of the ocean, in the chemistry, biology, and physics of the water and the marine life that lives in it – for all the world to see on any platform and device. Data, captured with analog and digital sensors, in situ and in the past, combined with geospatial information, video, audio, and reports is the currency of a Digital Twin Ocean. How it is collected,aggregated,communicated, and shared across entities, nations, and organizations are massive Data Governance challenges.

In this short event, sponsored by BigID, we intend to explore a few basic questions:

What is a Digital Twin Ocean?

What problems does it solve?

How much of the ocean can be “twinned?”

What other industries are using Digital Twin technology today?

If you love the ocean and have data science, IoT, remote sensing, or data governance skills in the private sector, marine science, and public policy this event is for you. The Ocean Data Alliance is a trans-disciplinary team that explores ocean challenges and sustainable business solutions.


1. Introduction: Steven Adler, CEO, Ocean Data Alliance

2. The UK Digital Twin Programme: Peter El Hajj, Head of National Digital Twin Programme Delivery at Centre for Digital Built Britain

3. Roundtable Experts Discussion:

– Peggy Tsai, VP of Data Solutions at BigID

– Linwood Pendleton, SVP of Science @C4IR (World Economic Forum)

– Angela Hatton, Director, National Oceanographic Centre

– Pier Luigi Butigieg, Digital Knowledge Steward at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Reseach

– Scott Bruce, Ocean Data Specialist at Centre for Applied Ocean Technology

– Anusha Dandapani, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at United Nations International Computing Centre

– Steffen Knodt, Head of Sustainable Subse Solutions, Fraunhofer IGD

4. Closing Keynote: BigID Data Governance for Digital Twins

– Peggy Tsai, VP of Data Solutions at BigID

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The event is finished.


Jun 07 2021


10:30 am - 12:00 pm

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