The Digital Value Chain: Cybersecurity, Information Systems & Industry 4.0 (hosted by Icity Brussels)

The ‘icity Lab Talks‘ highlight the expertise and services that ULB and VUB research units active in the digital domain bring to businesses.



The “icity* Lab Talks” series of seminars on digital research solutions address the current data economy gaps in process, value creation and human-focused innovation. By letting world class R&D labs share their knowledge and services, you can easily tap on to their technology and skills to digitally transform your product, process, and service.

(*) is an initiative from ULB, VUB and SIRRIS to boost digital innovation for companies, funded by the ERDF and the Brussels Region.

Join the second ‘talk’ next June 9, ‘The Digital Value Chain – Boosting digital innovation in Cybersecurity, Information Systems and Industry 4.0’, and learn more about the following research units


9.00 Georges Ataya (Solvay Lifelong Learning, ULB) – Mastering technology risks while boosting business opportunities

9.30 Bernard Fortz (SOS lab, ULB) – Scheduling, Optimisation and Security: new applications and impact on our daily life and industry

10.00 Guillaume Treille (OPERA-Wireless Communication Group, ULB) – Innovative use of wireless technologies for a digital and sustainable transformation

10.30 Emanuele Garone (SaaS, ULB) – Automatic Control and System Theory: from the lab to the real world

11.00 Beat Signer (WISE, VUB) – Cross-media technologies and applications: future directions for personal information management

11.30 Geoffrey Aerts/ Hassan Haddouchi (BUDA, VUB) – Looking in digital value chain from an ecosystem perspective

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Jun 09 2022


3:00 am - 7:00 am

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