The Domestic Aviation Market – FY22 will be a year to remember (withTony Dillon, Aviation Consultant)

By mid-July, domestic market capacity is likely to be 100% of pre-COVID levels. However, market dynamics are likely to be far from normal. The competitive ‘temperature’ is already higher than it has been in years and hostilities have only just begun. Rex isn’t even on the triangle yet – so what happens in FY22?

This talk explores the new forces at play in the market and how they change things. For instance, investment time horizons have contracted (private equity), rapid growth is in vogue, ‘hybrid’ airlines are a thing, price wars are back and all airlines are acting as if competition can only lead to win/lose outcomes.



Profiles: Tony Dillon is privileged to have been involved in most of the major Australasian industry changes over the past 27 years. That places his start in the industry at a time after Australian Airlines was merged with Qantas but before Qantas was floated. Tony spent 20 years with Qantas in various finance, fleet, commercial and cargo executive roles, but the enduring focus of his work was domestic competitive dynamics and the puzzle of what works and what doesn’t – sometimes with the benefit of hindsight. Tony has enjoyed a hands on and/or back room role in competing with Impulse and Virgin, responding to the collapse of Ansett, the creation and growth of Jetstar, and the development and application of a ‘two brand strategy’ to compete with Virgin and Tiger. Since 2014, Tony has consulted to the industry, helping clients navigate and/or change the landscape.

The event is finished.


Jul 20 2021


4:30 am - 5:30 am

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