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Last month, it was announced that the University of Warwick invested £275,000 in an esports centre on campus that is designed to provide opportunities to the community. But what is esports and why should you be excited about it? These are just two of the questions we will answer on today’s panel.



Featuring a variety of talent from university esports and beyond, this 90-minute interactive stream will delve into the opportunities that esports provides in our increasingly digital world. From graduate opportunities to revolutionary sports-viewing experiences, our collection of speakers will give a detailed yet varied peak into this billion-dollar creative industry.

If you want a bit of extra information about esports to help persuade you to come and join in:

Esports is the competitive pursuit of video gaming. With this comes all manner of sporting endeavours that you can imagine. If you can imagine the backroom staff, production team, or administrative support needed in a single premier league team or match, then you can imagine an equivalent in esports. With international tournaments running in a variety of video game titles, there are thousands of esports athletes around the world earning footballer-esque wages to train like an Olympic athlete and play in tournaments that reach hundreds of millions of viewers. In the UK in 2019 alone, this growing industry created over 1,200 jobs and the industry has seen a minimum of 15% growth year on year even through COVID-19.

Our panel will consist of mostly local talent, including University students, local business, and larger national bodies. Each of our speakers bring a unique view and expertise on the industry and we will be able to get a very immersive understanding of the esports landscape and the innovative opportunities that are being created. Together with our host, the founder of Warwick University’s award winning esports club, this interactive live forum will shine a light on what esports really is, why the University is investing in it, and how you can get involved. Speakers

Caity Emery – Current Vice President of Warwick Esports Society, the award-winning university esports club and campus community

Samuel Hibbert – Head of Partnerships at National Student Esports (NSE), the BUCS-backed university esports official body and tournament organiser

Malcom Barnes – Director of Hollywood Gaming, Immersive Computer Games Company based in the West Midlands

Yinsu Collins – Award Winning esports journalist, broadcaster, host, and Warwick alum.

Tim Rawling – Principal Technology Partner at BT

The event is finished.


Jun 15 2021


8:30 am - 10:00 am

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