The Future of Consumerism



With Black Friday and Christmas around the corner, it is difficult to remain a conscious consumer. To break the cycle of over-consumption within the linear economy, a circular approach is needed. This would entail fixing products, prolonging their life-span, and avoiding waste at all costs, making it the way forward for a healthy planet with healthy humans.

How can companies tackle the negative impacts of consumerism while running a successful business model? How can supply chains become more sustainable and transparent for consumers to trace the products they are acquiring? And what does the future of consumerism look like?

In this panel we will bring together professionals from different fields to explore these and other key questions to understand in what ways we can all become conscious consumers and what businesses are doing to clear the path.

Join us on November 30th (18:00-19:15). The event is in English and free to attend physically or online!



Moderator: Fredrik Nordbø, Senior Policy Advisor, WWF

Heidi Furustøl, Executive Director, Ethical Trade Norway

Jo Egil Tobiassen, CEO, Northern Playground

Aasa Andersen, Managing Director, A-Packaging

The event is finished.


Nov 30 2021


12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

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