The Future of Motorcycles – the Possibilities of New Technologies

Head of Kawasaki’s Motorcycle Business discusses future possibilities that surround new technologies for motorcycles



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Connected cars and autonomous vehicles may be the current hot topics, but what about the future of motorcycles? New builds, new technology, new propulsion and performance make motorcycles a potentially significant player in the future of mobility… simultaneously maintaining the integrity of the driving experience and offering a greener and more climate friendly mode of transport. Motorcycles comprise a fascinating business and technical challenge in this era of digital transformation. What are the future possibilities that surround new technologies for motorcycles and what are the new applications and uses of motorcycle technologies in other mobility domains?

Kawasaki Heavy Industries began producing its first motorcycle engines in 1953, putting to use the advanced development technology and manufacturing knowhow gained through aircraft engine development, and has since produced many iconic machines such as the H1 (500SS Mach-III), Z1 (900 Super Four), Ninja (GPz900R), and in recent years the supercharged Ninja H2. No matter the time period, Kawasaki has remained on the cutting edge of two-wheeled technology, always anticipating the needs of the market and creating products to meet them. This has built up strong recognition and a positive image for the Kawasaki brand.

Speaker: Yoshimoto Matsuda, Deputy GM, R&D Division, Kawasaki Motors, Ltd.

Yoshimoto Matsuda is the Deputy General Manager of Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Advanced Smart Mobility Supervisory Division , as well as the Head of Kawasaki Motors’ Advanced Countries’ Motorcycle Business and Deputy General Manager of the R&D Division. He is in charge of current and future motorcycle business, particularly for developed countries, serving as a leader of product design and advanced technology development.
He joined Kawasaki Heavy Industries in 1994 and has 27 years of experience in R&D. His expertise covers high-speed engines, electronic control, EVs, HEVs, and hydrogen engines. He is well experienced as a project leader not only in advanced development and racing activities, but also in vehicle production development. He has filed more than 100 patents and is a licensed Professional Engineer Jp.(Mechanical Engineering). He loves motorcycles.

Mr. Matsuda holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from Nagoya University in Japan and is currently pursuing his MBA at Kobe University.

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Oct 28 2021


8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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