The Future of Work Is Not Ours – Generation Z (hosted by The London Society)

Join The London Society throughout 2021 as we explore how work will ‘change’ in a post pandemic world.



Architects still define what spaces look like but why not ask teenagers/people who haven’t started work yet and/or people whose career ambitions isn’t architecture what a workplace should look like.

Attitudes to work are changing, a fact that has been accelerated by COVID. Perhaps we should shift the emphasis away from ‘work’ and consider ‘space’, taking influence from different types of environments for example an industrial kitchen, or kindergarten classroom – immediately opening our mind to a different sequence of disciplines, skills and adjacencies.

Continuing The London Society’s ‘Changes in Work’ series, Bobbie Galvin (a recent graduate of Central St Martin), Jorge Mendez, and Javier Navarro (BDG architecture + design), explore what the future of workspaces will look like for Generation Z.


Jul 08 2021


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
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