The Geopolitics of Space: Governance, Security, and Commerce

How should we govern space? What is the geopolitics of space?



More than 30 space-faring nations have emerged in recent years, and 84 countries currently operate satellites above Earth. Nearly all nations depend on space-based assets for position, navigation and timing services, as well as telecommunications and other services. Outer space is now part of their critical infrastructure. Most worryingly, rising geopolitical tensions on Earth are intensifying a space arms race, pitting the United States and its allies against China and Russia. As each side comes to depend more on space-based assets, and mutual mistrust increases, the temptation builds to develop and deploy more sophisticated counterspace weapons. The pervasiveness of dual-use technologies like rockets only increases the risk of miscalculation and escalation.

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Nov 08 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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