The Great Resignation Panel: Are You Ready to Jump to a New Career?

As we head back to the office, many workers are resigning for better work. Learn how you can get your career ready.



Things are shifting back to normal and for many professionals, that’s a problem. Many have gotten used to the flexibility of remote work, while others have enjoyed a lower cost of living compared to the city. As a result, upwards of 80% of professionals are looking for a new job in what’s being considered “The Great Resignation”.

While the job market may be doing well and you may be receiving pings on LinkedIn, there is more to consider than just handing in your resignation and embarking on a job hunt. That’s why we’ve brought together a panel of recruiters and career professionals to discuss a meaningful strategy for The Great Resignation.

In this panel discussion, you will learn:

How recruiters are approaching The Great Resignation, from their thoughts to their greatest fears.

Why joining millions of others in resigning could be the best idea—or backfire on you completely.

How to approach your resignation from a high-level, if you decide to make the move.

And much more!

Be sure to join this panel, then join our upcoming exclusive webinars where career coaches Eli Bohemond and Whitney Cole will respectively speak about designing your own strategy and conducting an effective salary negotiation.

The event is finished.


Jul 27 2021


9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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