The Metaverse – Educating Money Focused Black & Brown Youths & Millennials

Join this discussion and learn how to make money in the Metaverse with our experts, David Kim, VP and Dave “Black Dave” Curry.



NFTs are one of the hottest commodities across the globe eclipsing 2 Billion Dollars in the First Quarter of 2021. They are going mainstream in markets like Japan, China, and the United States where, according to a recent Harris Poll, 40% of US millennials are both familiar with NFTs and likely to buy one.

Interest in NFTs is largely driven by the youngest age demographics and the highest income levels. Though notably, those earning less than $25,000 in annual income also have a substantial interest in buying some digital assets.

This webinar, will explore opportunities for young adults and millennials to build their brands and profit margins in the Metaverse. We will also focus on creatives, musicians, and artists with an emphasis on the Black and Brown demographic. Answering questions, like where do you fit in Globally? How do we ensure you are not left behind and how can you best leverage your creativity and ingenuity on the Blockchain?

The event is finished.


Dec 01 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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