The Role of Technologies for the Wellbeing of the Older Population



In this MICRA webinar, three cross faculty experts from UoM will discuss projects utilising technologies for the healthcare of the older population:
Helen Hawley Hague will present on: The development, usability and feasibility of smartphone apps to support falls rehabilitation amongst community dwelling older adults (Together trial): Falls rehabilitation can significantly reduce risk and rate of falls. However, patients do not always carry out the required unsupervised home-exercise needed for falls reduction during rehabilitation or maintain their exercises. We developed using co-design approaches smartphone apps to support rehabilitation, evaluating their usability and acceptability and then conducted a feasibility RCT. The intervention and results will be discussed alongside future plans.

Syed Mustafa Ali will present on Engagement with consumer smartwatches for tracking symptoms. “Watch Your Steps” was a prospective observational smartwatch study, conducted by the University of Manchester in partnership with Google Fit Research. This smartwatch feasibility study aimed to assess the completeness of data to determine if it is feasible to collect data via consumer smartwatches. The study asked people living with multiple long term conditions (multimorbidity) to complete multiple daily and weekly questions and active tasks over 90 days. We calculated daily completion rates per participant for 90 days and summarised them across population by calculating interquartile range. I will talk about participants engagement over time with help of visualisation and will briefly touch up the symptom variations captured through daily input of symptom scores, which can be useful for future researches
Rosy Boardman will present on her research into online shopping for older people: An increasing number of older users are now shopping online and, as a result, the ‘digital divide’ is decreasing.

However, existing research is often based on younger users and student samples. Thus, research needs to address whether older users behave differently to younger users when shopping online, and whether current website designs are excluding older users. This presentation explores the differences in behaviour of 50 online shoppers aged 20-70 on a fashion retailer’s website.

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Oct 20 2021


6:00 am - 7:00 am

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