The Tech That Makes Hybrid Work webinar with Harriet Minter

A new breed of young companies offering tech solutions can actually transform the way way your business works and the results it gets.



Eighteen months of Zoom doom and feeling at the mercy of Microsoft Teams has rather taken the shine off workplace technology. But there are a new breed of young companies offering tech solutions that not only make hybrid-working easier but which can actually transform the way your business works and the results it gets.

In this one hour webinar, hosted by journalist and hybrid-work specialist, Harriet Minter, we’ll look at how tech can hinder or help our move towards hybrid-working. The panel will look at the impact hybrid-working is having on business culture, staff relationships and working practices. It will answer questions such as:

How do we avoid proximity bias and discrimination as we move to a hybrid working world?

How can we deepen our relationships with our teams when we’re not physically together all the time?

How do we use tech to bring us together and what does hybrid work mean for the future of the office?

How can tech help us monitor productivity when people are out of the office and is this finally the end of presenteeism?

Harriet will be joined by:

Anna Rasmussen, CEO of OpenBlend a performance software that enables managers to create high-performing teams.

Zara Nanu, CEO of Gapsquare an intuitive pay and people analytics service, tackling pay inequity issues.

Tushar Agarwal, CEO of Hubble (, a hybrid workplace platform enabling teams to find the right blend of office and remote working.

The past eighteen months have seen us try to recreate our traditional office lives remotely and in doing so we’ve become slaves to the technology. In this webinar we’ll look at how we can be proactive in our use of tech and start to use it to define the workplace of the future.

The event is finished.


Nov 10 2021


8:00 am - 9:00 am

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