The UK’s Journey to Payments Legislation & What We Can Learn in Canada

Join us for an exciting knowledge series on The UK’s Journey to Payments Legislation & what we can learn in Canada



TCAE is excited to invite Mike Southgate and Amber D. Scott to discuss the UK’s journey to payment legislation and the similarities of it with the Canadian counterpart. Many similarities can be derived between Canada’s upcoming legislation changes and the EU’s Payment Services Directive. The most noticeable is the introduction of the safeguarding and safety of client funds.

The session will look at the areas of similarity and explain the issues and problems that arose in the EU with the legislation in its first draft, and some of the unforeseen consequences that were encountered.

The main areas of discussion will be centered around what happens when you offer in scope and out of scope services and the issues of explaining that to clients, and also the areas where safeguarding and reconciliation caused issues.

Learning Outcomes

  • Similarities between the Canadian and UK’s payment legislation
  • Areas of caution that Canada should be aware of prior to legislative changes
  • Identify where firms may struggle and seek specific guidance and advice when implementing legislation

The event is finished.


Oct 13 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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