The Workers of the Future: Algorithms vs. Values

What is the impact of collaborative robotics on tomorrow’s generations?



The future of work will be determined by changing values in society and the spread of digital technologies. Today, robots that increasingly relieve us of our daily tasks continue to gain popularity. However, most of those robotic helpers, such as robotic vacuum cleaners, are only able to perform the particular task for which they are intended.

By 2030, connected devices and collaborative robots (cobots) will surround us everywhere. This will open up new possibilities for human creativity and our ability to improvise and collaborate, as well as provide us with new resources to engage and participate in value creation processes.

Where will these new possibilities take us? Even in the year 2030, workers will still be superior to machines and use them as tools, not the other way around. Our digital tools will develop depending on our goals and values. But what will be the values of the next generations working in the digital economy?

And what will the future interplay between human beings and machines, between algorithms and values look like? Does the worker serve the machine, the machine serves the worker or does both increasingly serve the common good?

Discuss with our experts how the future of work will depend not only on our technological possibilities but also on our shifting values and goals. Learn more about how the perspective of younger generations will impact how and where we work in the future.

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Jun 30 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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