THERIAK: Behind the Scenes in a Lab | Contagion Masterclass (the transmission of emotions, behaviours and diseases)

Science Gallery Bengaluru is organising CONTAGION, an online exhibition that explores the transmission of emotions, behaviours and diseases.



Disease maps are a long-standing scientific tool used to understand the spread of disease across populations. Craske’s The Disease Map takes an engraving of Basel by Matthäus Merian (1593-1650), and turns it into a disease map by engraving it onto a custom-made petri dish, within which cholera was painted (onto agar) over several days while also being inhibited with synthetic peptides that Craske designed. The process was recorded using time-lapse photography. The protocols were designed through collaborative and experimental work with Dr. Irene Wüthrich and Dr. Steven Schmitt, from the D-BSSE, ETH Zurich.

During the masterclass, Craske will explain in detail the final protocol that was used to successfully ensure that her synthetic peptide ‘THERIAK’ inhibited the growth of the vibrio cholerae. You will then learn how to make the garlic extract, which was used within the agar plate to weaken vibrio cholerae’s cell walls.

About the Facilitator
Sarah Craske works in the liminal, transdisciplinary space between art, science and technology. Her work explores the Anthropocene, through philosophical enquiry into our relationship with various forms of climate breakdown, drawing on specialist expertise and technologies, and taking part in research collaborations across the world.Craske exhibits in interdisciplinary places of histories, knowledge, narratives and context, including libraries, museums, and laboratories. Purposefully prioritising their rich contexts over white cube galleries, these sites, buildings and organisations provide materials to work with, and become an structural part of the work.


As a part of our public programming, we will invite experts and early-career researchers from various disciplines such as epidemiology, infectious diseases research, and design, among others to give participants hands-on experience and real-world examples of research around contagion.

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Jul 31 2021


4:30 am - 6:00 am

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