Thinking: A Guide to Systems Engineering Problem Solving

Articulating ways of thinking in today’s world of systems and systems engineering.



Dr. Howard Eisner will present “Thinking: A Guide to Systems Engineering Proble Solving” from his recent book on the subject (CRC Press).

His presentation will focus upon articulating ways of thinking in today’s world of systems and systems engineering. It will also explore how the old masters made the advances they made, hundreds of years ago. Taken together, these considerations represent new ways of problem solving and new pathways to answers for modern times. Special areas of interest include types of intelligence, attributes of superior thinkers, systems architecting, corporate standouts, barriers to thinking, and innovative companies and universities.

A free copy of this exciting book will be raffled off at the meeting and sent to the lucky winner! By attending the meeting, you will automatically be entered into the raffle!

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About our Speaker

Dr. Howard Eisner spent 30 years in industry and 24 years in academia. In the former he was a working engineer, manager, executive (ORI, Inc. and the Atlantic Research Corporation) and president of two high-tech firms (Intercon Systems Corporation and the Atlantic Research Services Corporation).

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Nov 17 2021


7:30 pm - 9:45 pm

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