Time is the New Oil: Consciousness, Temporality, and Ideology in “Posthuman” Capitalism with Prof. Athina Karatzogianni

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Contrary to claims that data is the new oil, and the solution to use data to quantify spatial and temporal trends to identify eco-risks for policy interventions, what in fact big data shows is that the planet is in serious decline and we are running out of time.

Meanwhile, there is a geopolitical race in terms of “Artificial” “Intelligence” technology, together with a techno-utopian and securitisation vision of how ICTs can improve the biopolitical management of human and nonhuman populations, in the context of the pandemic crisis and the looming ecological disaster.

Despite recent developments in neuroscience emphasising the role of the brainstem and emotions beyond the cortex, there is still slow progress to understand the workings of human consciousness. Let alone how the subject catches sight of itself within time, and how temporality may clarify subjectivity and assorted ideologisation processes, particularly when being in the world, with 4,66 billion users online, is digital by default.

Concomitantly, although there is extensive knowledge of ideology and its structural effectivity in organising collective human activity, research addressing space-time compression and digital temporalities within varieties of capitalism’s systemic inequalities, is by comparison embryonic.

This lecture draws from my intellectual interests in ideology, organisation and digital network communication scholarship to sketch what I think is the known [and] unknowns about how these problematics within “posthuman capitalism” force new sociopolitical formations to merge, clash and recombine in competition for time and the power to define the future of humanity.

Painting: Ben R. Butler (2001) George and the Virtual. Oil on Canvas. 100 x 175 cm

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Dec 14 2021


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

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