TOKEN Platform Launch Event: Blockchain and Decentralized technologies within Public Services

A new plug and play solution to simplify the implementation of Blockchain and Decentralized technologies within Public Services



The ultimate goal of TOKEN is to develop an experimental ecosystem to enable the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technologies and to prove its value, via highly replicable Use Cases, as a driver for the transformation of public services towards an open and collaborative government model approach.

Token’s Developer Platform offers a developer-friendly set of plug-and-play services and free/open-source components that can be usable by any blockchain. These components and services, such as Blockchain Notarization, Decentralized Identity, Decentralized Storage,and Messaging and Event Streaming, help to test, create, and build decentralised and distributed solutions that can help to improve the efficiency, transparency, trustworthiness, and privacy of the services provided by public administrations.

The Token experimental ecosystem puts people in control of their personal data, giving them the ability to decide how it is shared. To know more about the Token Platform join the community spaces and register for a virtual experience with our experts.

The event is finished.


Oct 07 2021


4:00 am - 5:00 am

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