Unfulfilled? – Exploring work and employment in warehousing and logistics




The Work Futures Research Group are embarking on a new research work to explore the role that digital and mechanical innovation plays in the workplace and on workers’ health and wellbeing. They will be seeking to understanding the link between the UKs need to modernise, improve productivity and service consumer demand with the impact this has on those sectors most affected. Following a review of the available material on fulfilment centres they will be exploring the opportunities and challenges of researching in this area.

This material has highlighted that the rapid and continuous development logistics warehouses may be affecting workers’ physical and mental wellbeing and also identifies the need for robust and rigours research to overcome a series of gaps and methodological obstacles that we have identified. This event will explore the key questions relating to researching this topic.

This Work Futures research group presentation and panel debate will discuss the key issues facing researchers and civil society to ensure we create a balance between workers wellbeing and UKs need for growth. The audience will have an opportunity to engage the panel in a live Q&A.

The event is finished.


Nov 26 2021


7:30 am - 8:30 am

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