Use of Machine Learning to find effective mitigation measures in COVID-19

Using Data to understand how the COVID measures had an impact on the reported cases.

Since its outbreak in Dec 2020, COVID-19 has fast spread into countries around the globe, and has affected our lives deeply. Different countries imposed different mitigation measures to control the infection.

Open your mind by joining this session and discussing the current pandemic with Dr. Gita-Das, who have analysed time series data of confirmed cases & imposed measures, and used machine learning models to find the most effective measures in controlling the daily number of cases.



The Presenter
Dr. Gita is passionate about data with a focus on analysis, modelling and insights. She started her career as an Electronics Engineer. The common thread of her career journey across projects in defence, medicine, teaching and research has been the passion for problem-solving, learning and building things – be it an automatic testing system for avionics, semi-automatic tools for medical diagnosis, computer vision algorithms, software applications in Robotics, or building ML models.

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Aug 26 2021


4:00 am - 5:00 am