User Ecosystem Thinking: Expand your vision for design // Book Passion Talk

E-meet Mike Youngblood, Benjamin Chesluk and Nadeem Haidary to hear their story behind the book ‘Rethinking Users’.



Creating for others requires empathy for other people’s experiences. This is the essence of user-centered design. But there’s a problem: our basic conception of “the User” is outdated and incomplete for today’s socially and technologically interconnected world. As anthropologists and designers, our passion for exploration and discovery drove us to find a better way. We call this new approach “user ecosystem thinking”.

User ecosystem thinking questions some of our most fundamental conventions about users, what they experience, and how to design for them. It can boost our imagination and transform the ways we create for and with others — whether they are near or distant, in the present or in the future.

The talk will include:

An overview of user ecosystem thinking, brainstorming activities, and practical tools for putting this perspective to work in your own creative practice.

Why you should attend:

Learn about user ecosystem thinking, and how it differs from conventional ways of thinking about users in design and research

Explore how user ecosystem thinking can enhance your approach to understanding and designing for your users

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Rethinking Users. Rethinking Users introduces a radical new approach that questions some of our most fundamental ideas about the nature of user experience. This book, plus the cards and exercises that come with it, are a toolkit for a new way of thinking about users, user experience, and design.

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Oct 04 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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