Using Automation Tools To Deploy And Operate Applications In Real World Scenarios

How is automation done in real world (and) on existing systems.



In this webcast, we will show the way from existing handmade installations to an Ansible playbook managed environment.

Ansible is an infrastructure automation tool, a management system used to configure, set up and manage infrastructure and applications in various environments. It also provides easy-to-read syntax, flexible workflows, and powerful tooling.

Why did we choose Ansible over others? This demo will show installation and how automation tools can reduce stress during incident remediation situations.

Speaker: Christian Hilgers, ConSol

For more than 20 years, Christian Hilgers, a graduate engineer in electrical engineering, has been involved in the operation and support of unixoid platforms and applications on them. As a team leader at ConSol Consulting & Solutions Software GmbH in Düsseldorf, he learned to appreciate the benefits of automation also from Ops point of view. Since 2015 he has been supporting automation in DevOps projects, primarily at a telco customer.

This webinar hosted by our friends at ConSol.

The event is finished.


Nov 18 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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