Using Game Design to Boost Classroom Engagement (Gamification Session for Wisconsin Science Festival)



Games like Fortnite have taken students by storm, and it is beyond a doubt one of the most addicting and engaging games ever made. While Fortnite is a multi-million dollar game production, there are a lot of game mechanics and techniques that can be replicated and applied in the classroom to boost student engagement. In this session, attendees can expect to learn about some common gamification techniques commonly found in the games industry, and some examples on how to implement them into the classroom environment to effectively increase engagement and motivation.

The purpose of this session is to equip teachers with the know-how on using gamification techniques that can be used to engage and motivate students in their educational experience— both using non-technology based and technology solutions to support it.

Clarence Tan is an edtech entrepreneur that has been working in games and e-learning for over 10 years. He grew up in China, Singapore, and the US, and has experienced all private, public and homeschool education. He started his entrepreneurial journey back in 2011, while he was still a junior in college, developing educational games and learning platforms for government municipalities in Colombia, South America, as well as companies in North America to launch games/gamified solutions. He has been championing the positive impact of student engagement using educational gamification through his ventures and speaking engagements.

Clarence is currently the Co-founder & CEO of a gamified practice & assessment platform called Boddle Learning (

The event is finished.


Oct 22 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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