V-STEP WEBINAR: Cyber-Victimization (August & September Sessions)

This 2 hours webinar training is for service professionals who serve crime victims & their families




Training Contact: Anne Litecky, VASIII, Program Coordinator, 410-837-5055, alitecky@ubalt.edu
1. Define the term cyber-victimization and examine victimization patterns.
2. Examine the possible emotional, social and financial impact of cyber-crime on individuals, organizations, and society.
3. Identify and analyze reasons and motivations of cyber-victimization, and patterns of future cyber-victimization.
4. Describe the types of secondary issues and behavioral risks derived from cyber crimes
5. Identify and analyze victim participation in the criminal justice system decision-making, victim services and restitution, and restorative justice initiatives.

In order to receive a Certificate of Training, participants video cameras must remain on during all V-STEP Webinar trainings.

TRAINER Melvin De La Cruz
Dr. Melvin de la Cruz currently teaches post-graduate courses in the Forensic Science Cyber Investigations program with the University of Baltimore. Dr. de la Cruz has over 14 years of professional experience in the criminal justice field. Employed as a federal law enforcement officer (Special Agent) for the US Department of Labor, US Department of Justice, and the US Department of Homeland Security. Also worked as a surveillance officer assigned to a sex-offender unit with the State of Arizona. BA Mathematics, MA Intelligence & Security Studies, MPA Public Administration, PhD Computational Linguistics. Areas of academic research/interest include cyber investigations, forensic linguistics, machine learning, mathematical logical language and artificial intelligence, language pathology, criminology and brain scans using (f)MRI.

The event is finished.


Aug 03 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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