VIDEO RELAY ORDER of The Weaponization of Technology in Family Law Cases

(Video Replay) OTPCLE Presents the Weaponization of Technology in Family Law Cases. Learn how a cell phone can be hacked and cloned, & more.

This event is a video replay of a previous live event. You will receive a link upon ordering to the video for you to watch. The “event date” is fake as there is no option for a video replay only event.

Join us on Zoom for OTPCLE’s training focusing on the Weaponization of Technology in Family Law Cases. Have you ever had a client who felt their spouse knew their every move? was monitoring their phone? It is easier for someone to do than you think. Learn how technology is becoming a weapon in family law cases and what you can do to protect your clients and get the evidence you need to prove their case.

Some of the topics being covered:

online dating, storage of personal info, phone security, cyberstalking, how to protect your law practice, bluetooth hacking, cell phone spoofing, phone call manipulation, email manipulation, the new Apple IOS safety indicators, Snapchat, sexual harassment and assault, revenge porn, the dark web, location tracking, hidden cameras, GPS, listening devices, geotagging, harmful apps for kids, cyberbullying, drones, vehicle tracking, subpoenas to social media and others, preservation and anti-spoilation letters, how to secure and preserve digital evidence, how to get evidence off laptops, how to admit digital evidence, GA revenge porn laws and MORE.

This program will be for 6.5 hours of CLE credit. . Video attendees can self submit to the GA Bar as this course will have an approval number.


The event is finished.


Jun 01 2021


9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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