Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Tech to Support Immersive Learning

Explore the potentials of immersive technologies to support and enhance education with Louis Nisiotis



Engaging with the immersive technologies of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed realities has never been more exciting than today, with the significant advancements in software and hardware technology, costs reduction, and the general digital shift of society. Immersive technologies are being applied to a wide range of domains with great success over the past few years, especially in the field of education. Many institutions, organisations, and individuals leveredge the potentials of immersive technologies to support the delivery of education and to enhance teaching and learning practices.

In this webinar, we will focus on discussing and understanding the concept of Immersive Technologies and how these are used to support and enhance education. We will present and discuss the immersive technologies of Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality and Multi-User Virtual Environments, and provide examples of implementation in educational context. We will then discuss some of the lessons learned while using these technologies to support education, as well as some suggestions and considerations on how to implement them to support and enhance teaching and learning practices.

Key learnings we will cover:

Learn what are Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technologies

Understand the concept of Multi User Virtual Environments

Learn about the use of Immersive Technologies in Education

Examples of application

Virtual environment and educational activities design suggestions and considerations

Key outcomes:

Identify, understand and explain the concept of immersive technologies and ways to support education

Develop a sound understanding of the concept of immersive technologies

Explain the latest hardware tools

Provide examples of implementation in educational context

Discuss lessons learned during practical experience

Share suggestions and considerations for the implementation of such technologies to support education

This webinar is perfect for: Digital and Comms personnel





About the trainer…

Hi, I am Louis Nisiotis, a lecturer in Computing at the University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus, and the Deputy Course Leader for BCs Computing, responsible for the delivery of Computer Games Development specialisation and Computer Graphics modules. My research work focuses on the use of virtual environments and immersive technologies ( VR/AR/MR/XR) and their application into Cyber-Physical-Social Systems and in Education, among other industrial and societal domains.

I am a member of IEEE, IEEE Digital Reality technical community, and a member of the Immersive Learning Research Network. I am also a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.

I am currently leading research focusing on the development and implementation of Immersive Learning Technologies and XR environments to support and enhance education, specifically investigating student collaboration, engagement, motivation and their learning experience.

Over the years, I have developed a series of guidelines on how to design immersive learning environments, collaborative educational activities and learning tasks to effectively support immersive learning through virtual worlds. I am the principal investigator and lead developer of the VirtualSHU research project, bringing immersive technologies into the classroom to support teaching and learning.I have given number of invited talks and published research in highly ranked journals and scientific conferences.

The event is finished.


Jun 16 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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