Virtual Roundtable: The Future of Manufacturing



Recently Accenture, Avanade and Microsoft joined forces to bring you the latest episode in the digital event, Envision. Overcoming disruption was a key theme, with lessons learnt over the past 18 months shared, and how many organizations have used technology to evolve their operating models and adapt to new market realties.

Many manufacturers are still dealing with the day-to-day impact of evolving consumer expectations and supply chain disruption. But they’re also focusing on bigger transformation initiatives to continually evolve the workplace, strengthen operational resilience, and create agile and adaptable organizations. Responsible but secure manufacturing is also driving investments across business units, supply chains and partner ecosystems.

Join Avanade for a collaborative and informal networking event along with your industry peers, for a lively and interesting discussion around these topics and together let’s rethink manufacturing to renew and grow.

Discussion Questions

  • How can you empower your people to add more value and change your business whilst embracing continual change?
  • How do you transform operations to be more resilient and respond to changes in demand but also manage and evolve the need for greater sustainability?
  • How are you investing in solutions and using technology to become a more responsible manufacturer?
  • How important is security in influencing investments and business objectives?
  • How do you change to become more agile to enable enterprise-wide innovation and rapidly respond to the quickly evolving marketplace?

All participants of this roundtable will be sent a drinks package to enjoy during the discussion, please make your selection when registering

The event is finished.


Dec 09 2021


10:30 am - 12:30 pm

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