[Webinar] Introduction to DevOps & DevOps Paradigm

In this talk, we will discuss some core ideas at the center of a DevOps transformation.




What is DevOps? It’s not Kubernetes. It’s not Docker. It’s not even Python. It’s about optimizing the flow of ideas from concept to user. But what does that mean? It means a radically different view on the problems you think are facing technology organizations.

In this talk, we will discuss some core ideas at the center of a DevOps transformation. As much as you might think it’s tech, it’s really about how people work and interact together, and in order to understand that, you have to understand that change comes in the order of People -> Process -> Tools.

Join Jeff Smith as he walks you through the People, Process, Tools paradigm that powers change not just in DevOps, but in any sort of organizational transformation.


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Speaker: Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith has been in the technology industry for over 20 years, oscillating between management and individual contributor. Jeff currently serves as the Director of Production Operations for Basis Technologies (formerly Centro), an advertising software company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Before that, he served as the Manager of Site Reliability Engineering at Grubhub. Jeff is passionate about DevOps transformations in organizations large and small, with a particular interest in the psychological aspects of problems in companies. He lives in Chicago with his wife Stephanie and their two kids Ella and Xander.

Jeff is also the author of “Operations Anti-Patterns, DevOps Solutions” with Manning publishing:


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Jan 06 2022


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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