Webinar: The Future of eCommerce by CNN Director of Product

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2020 was a breakout year for eCommerce worldwide. With the pandemic keeping many locked at home, 150 million people bought something online for the first time ever. In this chat, CNN’s Product Director of Commerce Simone Nili discusses the user behavior and technology trends shaping the future of eCommerce as more customers make online purchases than ever before, and what Product Managers should know about this “new normal” to best meet their users’ needs.

Main Takeaways

Bringing the brand to the user through advanced targeting

Driving conversion through aspiration

Curing shopper analysis paralysis

Meet the Speaker: Simone Nili

Simone is the Director of Product currently working at CNN. She has vast experience and a proven track record of delivering entertainment, commerce, and utility products loved by millions of users worldwide.

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Jan 04 2022


9:30 am - 10:00 am

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