[Webinar] What Can You Expect for Machine Learning in 2022

Join us to learn how to build an AI Red Team to deal with everything from edge cases to outright AI breakdown.




As 2021 comes to a close, the challenges of productionizing and scaling team’s machine learning projects still remain at large. With all the big advancements in AI/ML, what are some actionable learnings for your team?

In this webinar join us as we talk about

Noteworthy highlights in the AI/ML space from 2021

Upcoming trends in ML/AI for 2022

Market movement (AIIA member valuations, acquisition and consolidation)

The shift to ‚ÄėData Monitoring‚Äô from ‚ÄėModel monitoring‚Äô OR the evolution of ‚ÄėDataOps‚Äô – reference Andrew Ng

Bedfellows for 2022: How hardware will meet ISV e.g. Nvidia/HPE and the AIIA ecosystem.

Winners & Losers – Best of breed vs Production ML on ‚Äėso-called‚Äô E2E solutions. The new data providers and the role of analytics.


Lee Baker, General Secretary at the AI Infrastructure Alliance

Lee is the General Secretary at the AI Infrastructure Alliance. Based out of the UK, he is responsible for the proceedings and growth of the AI Infrastructure Alliance (AIIA) as well as working at Pachyderm to deploy programs and initiatives that enable customer-facing teams to execute the core aspects of their jobs more effectively. When not shuttling his 3 children around, he can most often be found cycling, running and swimming around England’s South Coast.

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Jan 19 2022


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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