WeChat Social Crossborder E-commerce (hosted by Tencent Malaysia)

This seminar aims to assist Malaysian businesses to understand, explore and expand their businesses to China via Tencent all-in-one solution




China’s market and culture are very complex and demand a coherent strategy. The leading causes of failure for businesses attempting to enter China is lack of market research or planning, over-expectations and short-term thinking, leading to multiple small blunders and lack of oversight in their e-commerce strategy.

WeChat is a jack-of-all-trades application where users can chat, call, publish articles, share photos, purchase goods, pay bills and more. Several international businesses have official WeChat accounts and sell products via the app.

Tencent Malaysia is introducing eShop platform which is part of the WeChat ecosystem. Together, the platform aims to provide a marketplace for merchants to have alternative business in targeting the 1.2B active Wechat users globally.

The event is finished.


Jul 28 2021


3:00 am - 4:30 am

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