Weekly Robotics Meetup #15: Multi-Sensor Calibration – The Now & The Next

In this talk, Tangram Vision co-founder and CEO Brandon Minor will talk about the challenges of multi-sensor calibration.




Tangram Vision is Perception DevOps. The Tangram Vision platform is used by roboticists to streamline sensor integration, fusion, and calibration, and supports modalities like cameras, depth, LiDAR, IMU, and other perception sensors. Learn more at https://www.tangramvision.com

The days of using a single sensor for robotic perception tasks are over. The latest generation of robots and autonomous platforms don’t just use multiple sensors, but also multiple sensing modalities, spanning cameras, depth sensors, LiDARs and more. For roboticists and perception engineers, this means that the calibration tools that have been available until now are starting to strain under the added complexity of these more sophisticated sensor arrays.

In this talk, Tangram Vision co-founder and CEO Brandon Minor will draw on his experience in autonomy and calibration to discuss how to approach these new multi-sensor calibration challenges. In particular, Brandon will explore the intersection of photogrammetry and computer vision bundle adjustment techniques to allow parallel processing of multiple sensors from multiple modalities.

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Dec 02 2021


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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