WestGrid Training Module 2021: Parallel Coding Workshop — Online

This course format will be a combination of several interactive Zoom sessions and pre-recorded reading and video materials in-between the Zoom sessions. Course materials will be shared shortly before the start of the course.

This course is a general introduction to the main principles of parallel programming, using Chapel programming language to illustrate the basic concepts and ideas. Chapel is a relatively new language for both shared- and distributed-memory programming, with easy-to-use, high-level abstractions for both task and data parallelism that make it ideal for learning parallel programming for a novice HPC user. Chapel is incredibly intuitive, striving to merge the ease-of-use of Python and the performance of traditional compiled languages such as C and Fortran. Parallel constructs that typically take tens of lines of MPI code can be expressed in only a few lines of Chapel code. Chapel is open source and can run on any Unix-like operating system, with hardware support from laptops to large HPC systems.

Course Details:

Some courses will require additional or more advanced level knowledge or programming skills. Check the course descriptions for more details.

All participants are encouraged (but not required) to obtain a Compute Canada account. We will be providing guest accounts if needed, but if you would like to register for a free Compute Canada account, click here.



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Jun 01 - 08 2021


12:00 pm - 8:00 pm