What is Real? Physical, Digital or Virtual? XR Storytelling- a Walk Through

Immersive artist-in-residence Kathleen Cohen asks specific questions inside virtual worlds, “What makes up you?” and “What is real?”




Kathleen Cohen and her collaborators are specifically focused on exploring Extended Reality Storytelling in Boise and Moscow with two communities that struggle to communicate the answers to these questions to our larger community: indigenous peoples in Northern Idaho and neurodivergent individuals in Boise. Can creating identity in a virtual space preserve and better clarify identity in that space and/or for us as a physical community?
This presentation will capture the project at the start, revealing the structure of what the project hopes to explore and introducing some of the key players. A month later, we will witness the result. The initial idea is to create a space in the metaverse where a native elder and an autistic individual meet and create a digital art piece together.

During this workshop you will learn to navigate the Surel’s virtual space and experience ways in which you can interact and manipulate this world. You can access with a laptop and do not need a VR setup.


Kathleen Cohen is a digital and immersive experience artist focusing on extended reality (XR) and spatial computing projects, as it relates to future storytelling narratives and environments. Her background includes working as a creative artist and producer for DreamWorks Interactive, IBM Innovation, Disney Parks & Resorts, as well as being the Vice President of Digital Innovation for the National Constitution Center, helping to tell the contemporary story of our nation’s U.S. Constitution.

Ms. Cohen began her career as a traditional fine artist, classical painter and glassblower, then turned digital artist, initially trained at Silicon Studios / SGI to be a VFX animator in 1994

The event is finished.


Oct 11 2021


9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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