What The Metaverse Means For You

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The global pandemic has transformed our use of technology in every aspect of our lives.
We have seen the rise of digital spaces replacing our physical spaces for connecting, engaging and entertaining ourselves. We have seen the rise of Amazon, Zoom and Fortnite replacing our shopping experiences, offices and entertainment.
The blending of physical experiences in a digital world where people are connected and having shared digital experiences is being described as the Metaverse – meaning beyond Universe.

Who We Are

We at Curate42 help brands and organisations develop strategy, technology and services to navigate this new world.
Providing the missing piece to help brands and organisations reimagine work, life and play.

Event Details

Join us online to network with other leading industry thinkers in our interactive platform VRoom and hear the research and evidence to help you understand what the Metaverse can mean for you.
Join Curate42 to network and discuss:

Describing the Metaverse

What is behind its rise

How it is reshaping the way we live

Is it worth our attention and the hype?

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Oct 13 2021


5:00 am - 6:00 am

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