Why Big-O is the Most Important Interview Skill You Can Learn (led by mentor and Salesforce Full-Stack Software Engineer Michael Mroczka)

Skilled Clinic in Big-O Analysis led by mentor and Salesforce Full-Stack Software Engineer Michael Mroczka.

Have you ever written an algorithm and known it was inefficient but couldn’t articulate why it was inefficient? Ever wished that you could know in the interview whether the solution you were suggesting was optimal or not? Big-O analysis is a topic that is covered quickly in bootcamps and at universities alike, yet this workshop will demonstrate why skill is the single most valuable one to have if you want to pass a technical coding interview. In this session, interview expert and Salesforce Full-Stack Software Engineer Michael Mroczka will teach big-O analysis from scratch – no previous knowledge necessary (although familiarity with Python will help)! While this session keeps the beginner in mind, the later half will dive into more complicated examples involving recursion analysis with an emphasis on backtracking and dynamic programming. If you’ve been terrified when an interviewer has asked you to give the time and space analysis for a function you’ve written then this is the workshop for you! This interactive session will conclude with a live Q&A.

This 2 hour virtual event will be held via Zoom. This is a classroom experience with student participation requested.

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Jun 08 2021


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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