Wireless Innovation in Rural Communities: 5G, Mobile Services & Shared Spec

Innovations in wireless technology will ensure that rural communities are better connected.




Innovations in wireless technology will ensure that rural communities are better connected. Not only will this bridge the digital divide, it will transform how people live, work, study and socialise in these areas.

The Scotland 5G Centre and Ofcom are hosting a joint event to explore ways in which rural and remote communities can access 5G and advanced technologies.

Hear from experts in the industry and public organizations about the strategy and options available in Scotland to improve connectivity in rural areas.


Welcome/Introduction: Paul Coffey, Scotland 5G Centre CEO & Glenn Preston, Ofcom Scotland Director

Mobile strategy/spectrum demand ‚Äď presented by Brian Potterill and Nina Percival, Ofcom

‚ÄúThe markets that deliver mobile services are evolving rapidly. In response Ofcom is developing its strategy for the mobile sector, to support the delivery of high-quality mobile connections and innovation. Considered alongside the mobile strategy, Ofcom will also make an assessment of how demand for mobile services and the UK‚Äôs mobile networks may evolve in the period to 2035, and whether additional spectrum may be needed. Ofcom will take a holistic look at the mobile market and the extent to which it is likely to deliver good outcomes for people and businesses across Scotland and the UK.‚ÄĚ

Enabling Wireless Innovation ‚Äď presented by Richard Moore and Nick Evans, Ofcom

‚ÄúMany industries and industrial locations across Scotland and the UK, including ports, factories and agriculture, are digitising their processes and systems ‚Äď often using wireless technology to do this. Ofcom has made spectrum available for local use and will continue to engage with relevant parties to inform policies on how best to make spectrum available for new uses. Ofcom will also continue work to support incumbent spectrum users. All of this will inform Ofcom‚Äôs spectrum roadmap of priorities and longer-term activities.‚ÄĚ

5G Private Networks for Shared Spectrum – presented by Professor Robert Stewart, StrathSDR, University of Strathclyde

With significant amounts of the UK’s allocated spectrum for mobile and wireless networks available under shared access mechanisms (local, shared and TVWS licensing), there is significant and growing potential for private networks to enable improved connectivity. Spectrum sharing is therefore at the cusp of real growth enabled by new, versatile software defined radio technology.

The event is finished.


Feb 22 2022


5:00 am - 6:30 am

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