Women in STEM Seminar: Preserving emotional health in an academic career

This event will explore some of the mental health & emotional wellbeing challenges that people face while working in academia & solutions.




This event will explore some of the challenges people face to their mental health and emotional wellbeing while working in academia, as well as support practices and tools to address this. Speakers will also share their thoughts on what needs to be done systematically in academia to build an environment in which people can be mentally and emotionally well. This event is the first of the Women in STEM seminar series organised by the student led Education ED&I committee, which is part of the Grantham ED&I committee.


Yael Kisel

Climate Smart Analytics Lead at San José council, California.

Yael Kisel is a person with many interests trying to improve the wellbeing of human and non-human life on this planet. She is currently working for the Climate Smart program at the City of San José, California, doing data, policy, and program work to drive citywide climate action. This is the latest stop on a wandering career path that has so far included a PhD in evolutionary biology at Imperial College (Silwood Park), some years of unemployment, a postdoctoral research fellowship in Germany, a few years as a freelance artist and scientist, and a stint behind the scenes of NASA’s Space Biology program. Over the years, she’s had many struggles with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome, and she tries to normalize these issues by speaking openly about her experiences. You can find her drawings on instagram at @yaelsnail.

The event is finished.


Sep 02 2021


9:30 am - 10:30 am

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