Work in or Advise a Tech Startup

If you’re a developer or designer, TechConnect gives you the context to meet local startups who need tech help.



What Is TechConnect?

Based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, TechConnect is a reverse pitch where select startups will pitch an audience of developers and designers, and their “ask” is what they are looking for from a technical perspective (a co-founder, strategic advisor, employee, etc.).

What to Expect:

Access to New Opportunities

Each startup will pitch for 8 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. At the end of the event, there will be a post-event survey in which all of the attendees will be able to select the companies that they’d like to meet and be introduced to discuss potential collaboration.

The event organizer will then manage the introductions to the founders in the days following the event.

Startups Pitching:

Lunch Box Hero

Providing small, pocket-size cards where adults can upload AR-enabled messages for their kids and grandkids for encouragement in the everyday moments of life. Needs: Full Stack Mobile App Developer, ideally with no code experience, who will spearhead user testing, feedback, and MVP creation


A B2B platform where roofing contractors sign up to have a website tailored to them where they would send their roofing leads to request and obtain an estimate via satellite imagery. Needs: Full Stack Developer capable of integrading APIs and spearheading UX/UI for the product.

Profit Code

A B2B SaaS prooduct that provides algorithmic recommendations on the right price to charge which customers, based on a variety of inputs, to increase company margin. Needs: Tech Advisor and/or Technical Product Manager in coming co-development engagements. Additionally, a Full Stack Developer that take existing tool and make it market-ready. Developer will integrate data from different systems, develop application, take charge of data visualization.


A marketplace platform designed for motorsports enthusiasts. Sellers can open up their independent shop on LapTwo where they can list motorsport parts, whole vehicles, and accessories for sale. Needs: UX/UI designer, as well as Tech Advisor, ideally with marketplace experience.


Jun 29 2021


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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