Working in China: Advice from China CEOs

NYU Shanghai faculty Dr. Laurie Underwood shares insights from her new book, China CEO II.



Interested in studying or working in China? Frustrated by the current pandemic-related travel restrictions? Join NYU Shanghai instructor Dr. Laurie Underwood, via this live webinar from Shanghai, as she shares insights from her new book China CEO II (Wiley, 2020). Hear from the “China CEOs” of Bayer, Bosch, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, IKEA, Marriott, Microsoft, Sony, Tata, and more as Dr. Underwood shares first-hand advice from 25 top executives leading the China operations of MNCs. Her talk will cover:

The skillset and mindset needed to work in today’s China

Top mistakes made by foreign professionals in China today

Strengths and weaknesses of Western vs. Chinese college graduates in terms of employability

How to connect with China despite the current travel restrictions

Dr. Laurie Underwood teaches “Intercultural Business Communications” and “Strategic Communications” as a visiting instructor at NYU Shanghai and has studied, lived, and worked in China since 2002. As a Sr. Associate Professor of Management, she teaches Cross-Cultural Communications and Leadership, International Marketing, and Corporate Communications to Executive Education, IMBA, Masters, and Undergraduate students. She also serves as a senior consultant at Sino-Associates, delivering corporate training and coaching to multinational companies and business organizations in China.

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Sep 23 2021


9:00 am - 10:00 am