Workshop: Software Development for Health Care

Learn the fundamentals of software development and its application to the field of health care.



In this workshop, we will learn software development fundamentals and their application to diverse fields such as healthcare, genetics, and other medical applications.
We will go through the best practices for agile software development, including planning, design, and development; and the techniques to understand, negotiate and estimate the time it will require to create effective requirements for the development of optimal products.

For example, let’s imagine we are developing a system that controls administrative aspects of a clinic such as insurance checks, payments, appointments, medical history, diagnoses, and lab results. For such a system, we need to know which users are interacting with the system (nurses, providers, clinical staff, etc.), and we need to know if the system is interacting with external systems such as private insurance companies. Then a negotiation begins to build the essential features of the system according to the timeline.

We will recreate the software development environment, go over basic information about data structures, Python, and the popular Amazon Web Service (AWS) platform that is broadly used. As we design our software we will define the concepts of modular programming and microservices.
See the detailed topics covered during this class below:

Software cycle development

Explain each phase such as planning, design, and developments

Practical examples

Requirements document

Use case diagrams and sequence diagrams

Data structures


AWS fundamental Lambda functions, events, modular programming, and microservices

This class is designed for people new to software development, but if you have a strong CS background and are interested in learning more about the unique constraints of designing for healthcare, please join us!
Your registration gets you access to the live Zoom class, along with a recording of the class to view afterwards.

The event is finished.


Oct 23 - 24 2021


11:00 am - 2:30 pm

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