Workshop: The Increasingly Intelligent Use Case for Chatbots in eCommerce

If you are a Chatbot sceptic you must check out this session for an idea of where this space is going.


Join us on this evening as we explore how Chatbots are increasingly improving their use cases in the eCommerce space.

Are you considering a chatbot solution for your eCommerce business? It can be tough to figure out where a chatbot should fit in your operations due to the rigorous development process that goes behind it. Chisom, a chatbot consultant and founder of RyTrack Solutions explores the customer value journey and helps you to understand the advantages that a chatbot solution can provide at each of those stages.

Or perhaps you’ve tired a chatbot and are frustrated by lengthy setup times or the harm it can do to your brand when it can’t answer basic customer questions? Mitch Eccles from PragmatikAI will discuss these frustrations and demonstrate: StoreClerk automatically ingests your product feed and site content to build a chatbot that can answer 85% – 95% of shoppers’ queries about your brand and products. It leverages cutting edge NLP technology, such as GPT-3, meaning no more templates or drag and drop chat flows.

Chatbots in eCommerce have a massive potential that has not yet been fully explored due to the many unfortunate false starts this technology has had. The folks at Rytrack Solutions and PragmatikAI believe that this is soon coming to an end.

Our webinar includes a live demo of Leafy; a chatbot built on StoreClerk to answer any CBD queries that prospects visiting may have. If you are a Chatbot sceptic you must check out this chatbot for an idea of where this space is going.

Join us on the 20th of October where we will explore this more and you can ask any chatbot/AI/ML/automation related questions you may have to the two speakers.

The event is finished.


Nov 20 2021


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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