XR Safety Week 2021

A week full of people, events, awareness, and ideas, to celebrate the opportunities of the Metaverse and face the risks and challenges.




Holidays are around the corner, and 2021 is the year the largest number of individuals and organizations will be getting into XR. Sensing the urgency to create data, privacy, ethics, and safety, the XR Safety Initiative (XRSI) celebrates the 2nd Week of December (Dec 6-10 ) as the XR Safety Week, entirely free and open to everyone on AltspaceVR and on www.xrsafetyweek.org.

By dedicating these five days events to various themes, XRSI intends to create a reflection point on the safety and trust aspects of immersive technologies and XR ecosystems, aka the Metaverse. This is necessary to address the need for technological risks this holiday season due to the expected increase in purchasing the latest XR devices, platforms, experiences, and games.

What is the XR Safety Week?

The XR Safety Week is an annual event powered by XRSI. It is both a celebration of the many different facets of XR and an opportunity for individuals, organizations, policymakers, and institutions to promote ideas that will guide us towards a safer future with XR technologies.

Getting into XR might seem as straightforward as putting on an HMD or holding up a phone to view Augmented Reality (AR) content. However, cultivating a sense of it is imperative.
This week encourages everyone to get into XR with awareness, independent of the use case platform or experience.

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Dec 06 - 10 2021


12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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