Your Future Role in an AI-Driven Conversational World (Women in Voice Technologies New Jersey)

Women in Voice NJ, hosted by Stevens Women in CS, Engineering & Business, presents an in-person dialog on new careers in Conversational AI.



Join us for a vibrant, interactive session to better understand the emerging field of AI, in particular, Conversational AI with Voice (think Alexa, Google Assistant, Automotive voice assistants, etc.) and the newly forming high-demand career opportunities emerging in these spaces. This field requires backgrounds and skills across technology, social sciences, business, arts, and design to bring to life emotionally, economically, and ethically intelligent Voice AI Assistants.

The world is experiencing massive human and technology disruptions, along with the accelerating age of automation, leaving many of us facing an unknown future of work. Women, in particular, have been hit hardest, with millions resigning. This great female resignation is leaving a huge talent gap, unraveling years of parity progress. Research has proven that innovation comes from diverse teams, yet corporations are struggling to fill existing and new roles required to drive their economic engines forward. One of the driving forces of innovation in AI, in particular Conversational AI, is taking hold at enterprises across the board.

Women in Voice is a non-profit created to share knowledge and insights on careers in Conversational AI in order to get more women into the field on the ground floor. We have access to internship and job opportunities at enterprises that are having a hard time filling these roles due to the high industry demand and low supply of talent, especially women. WiV offers mentorship as well to help guide women across all generations to not only enter these fields but also receive the compensation they are due — it’s clearly a time to ensure compensation parity for women in the emerging field of AI.

Your future role in an AI-driven world is here — are you ready?

Refreshments will be Served!

Note that the following Stevens Institute of Technology Student lead groups are part of this event: Stevens Women in Computer Science, Engineering, and Business

Vaccinated or not, MASKS are REQUIRED to attend this event!


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Sep 30 2021


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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